Monday, August 9, 2010

You have wonderful, helpful guys working

Hi Richard,

Just wanted to let you know how helpful Jason and Asheton were today, when they removed the honey bee nest in my tree. They were very knowledgeable, gracious and explained everything for me, and I'm just so relieved that I don't have to worry about the bees any more. Tell them how thankful I am, and you have a wonderful service that you provide. I have peace of mind now.

Sonia Totman
Lockhart (Orlando), Fl.

I'm Free!!! My doggies thank you!


Your company is the greatest! I wish I had you come out first, but I had called a person that says he removes bees for free and relocates them to honey farms. Well, once he came out, he would only relocate them if I paid him over $300, which I did not agree to. For $65, He sprayed them with some wasp spray and told me they would be dead in a couple of days. Well, not only were they not dead, but I had THOUSANDS of them, and now they were going after MY DOGS!!! I called you, and you sent Jason over right away. He explained that the guy was not licensed or insured and it was a mistake to spray wasp spray and leave the nest open. Jason was great, he removed the bees and explained how I can keep them away. And he charged me LESS money than that crazy guy wanted. You saved me and my doggies. You are such a blessing. God Bless.

Janice Markham

Thanks for removing our bees!

Richard, I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job Jason did last week. He patiently explained the whole process of removing the bees, and even answered questions from our children, explaining in terms that they could understand. He stressed the importance of bee-proofing our home, and that bees will always find our house attractive, that we now have a giant "arrow in the sky", pointing to our house. He made us feel very safe and we are most satisfied that we chose your company to perform the bee removal.

Karen Beauchamp, Titusville, FL

Thanks for the GREAT Service!

Just wanted to drop a note and let you know how GREAT you guys are. We had a honey bee hive take up residence in our living room wall, and we had no idea what to do. I called and talked to Sara, who calmly explained that Jason would be out later in the day to inspect the bees. He called to let us know when to expect him, ( a big plus these days!), and when he showed up, It was clear he really knows his stuff. He was so nice and really explained everything that he would do, and gave a great bee class to our twins.

Anyway, the bees are gone, Your company did a great job, and we are very satisfied customers. Thanks for everything!

Kathleen Hightower & Family
Orlando, FL

Jason and Asheton are great guys!

Jason and Ashton came by and removed a hive for me today. Great guys, both assets to your company. Thanks for your help and I recommend your firm to whomever may need bee hive removal.

John Livingston, Merritt Island

Osceola County Extension Beginning Beekeeping Presentation

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the great Beekeeping presentation you gave at our Extension office to our Master Gardeners and residents. Everyone enjoyed it, and we'd love to have you back to teach beekeeping sessions with live bees!

Jennifer Welshans-Pelaham
Extension Faculty - Horticulture

Clay County Beginning Honey Bee Class

Dear Richard

Sorry for the delay in getting this letter to you but please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your generous support of the most recent Beginning Bee Class representing All Florida Bee Removal. The snacks you provided for the break out sessions at the September 19, 2009 UF Short Course were greatly appreciated by all. In addition, thank you for your presentation on “personal experiences” working with Africanized bees.

Especially notable is your company’s continued support of backyard beekeeping. This is “right on target” with the UF/IFAS philosophy that will be Florida beekeepers which offer the best hope to limiting the impact of feral Africanized Honeybees in our state – they will be our “front line troops!” Thank you for helping us to encourage more people to take up this role.

Once again, thanks to you and your company for their generous support of this University of Florida Regional Short Course.

Sincerely yours,

Raymond H. Zerba Jr.
Extension Agent IV, Horticulture

Isleworth Yellow Jacket Removal

Hey Richard,
Jason did a good job , he’s a great representative for your company, he got the job done and he explained everything that is going on. I wanted to let you know that he’s a very good asset for your company. It’s hard to find good people, so I wanted to let you know that you have one. He just left and everything is taken care of. I can make sure when the grandkids come over, there won’t be any issues. I appreciate your fast service with this Yellow Jacket removal in Isleworth, and when I recommend someone to do this kind of work, I’ll definitely recommend your company.
Joe Durek, Windermere Florida