Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm Free!!! My doggies thank you!


Your company is the greatest! I wish I had you come out first, but I had called a person that says he removes bees for free and relocates them to honey farms. Well, once he came out, he would only relocate them if I paid him over $300, which I did not agree to. For $65, He sprayed them with some wasp spray and told me they would be dead in a couple of days. Well, not only were they not dead, but I had THOUSANDS of them, and now they were going after MY DOGS!!! I called you, and you sent Jason over right away. He explained that the guy was not licensed or insured and it was a mistake to spray wasp spray and leave the nest open. Jason was great, he removed the bees and explained how I can keep them away. And he charged me LESS money than that crazy guy wanted. You saved me and my doggies. You are such a blessing. God Bless.

Janice Markham

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