Wednesday, November 20, 2013

You made a bad situation enjoyable and actually fun!


Thank YOU!!! You made a very aggravating experience awesome!! We were awestruck! We had no idea how complex and fascinating bees are.. We both told each other after you left that we felt our jaws dropped open every time you told us something about being an Entomologist and the knowledge you shared with us about bee behavior. We have looked at your website, your photos, videos, and are blown away by the areas where bees like to colonize. The one where they are coming out of the outdoor “tool box” gave us the creeps because we have one of those too.

You made a bad situation enjoyable and actually fun. We have not stopped talking about it with each other and our friends and coworkers. You said you give lectures to groups, do you also do private parties?? We were thinking, especially with the increase in the bee population that it would be a fun thing to do to educate others on bees, and the job you do.

We have not seen a flying bee in either spot since you were here, so it definitely did the trick.

Our sincere thanks,
David & Frances Frechette

Friday, October 11, 2013

Tampa Bee Removal

I just wanted to thank everyone for their part in helping us with our situation. It shows that our community has a “heart” and cares. I know it’s a difficult time for everyone right now and the smallest things can make the biggest difference in the lives of our neighbors. My prayers were answered when you(Steve Dwinnell, Asst. Director, Fla. Environmental Services) forwarded my email to Jonathan ( because he thought outside the box and made it a win win for everyone when he involved John Thomas at ABC News. The news exposure offset the initial charge for removing the bees and we got the mission accomplished.

It’s not just about the Bees…it’s about “Bee-ing” there for the people and all of you were there.

I am sorry the Bees had to go, but the possums had a gourmet dinner last night. They thank you too.

Much gratitude from my heart to yours…all of you.
Leslie Seabury

Monday, September 2, 2013

Professional, Polite, Pleasant & Informative!

Thank you very much for coming out so quickly today.  I can't imagine what that swarm might have looked like by tomorrow morning.  You were professional, polite, pleasant and informative. 
I will speak to our teachers in regards to you conducting an assembly for us in the near future.
Thank you again
Tawanda Mills
The Conrad Academy

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Windermere Bee Removal

Hi Rich,

Thank you very much for safely re-locating our bees. We hope that they will enjoy their new home and produce lots of good honey and cross pollination for other plants.

Could you tell the status of our hive as you removed it? ( yes, this colony was very healthy and took to its new hive box readily-RMM). Was it a honey-rich hive? (yes, for an external aerial colony it had a good amount of honey..we feed it back to the bees once we get them to the quarantine apiary -RMM).

Please let us know if our bees do well in their 'new home' as it would make us feel good to hear they are being productive.( We kept them in their box for 4 days. On day 5 we released them, and they look GREAT! the queen is laying eggs, they've built new comb and now on day 6, are bringing pollen back to the colony..always a good sign).

Thanks again,

Lenore & Eric L.

Ps. Thanks so much for leaving us some honey! (THANK YOU Lenore & Eric!! Your bees appeared to be classic Italian Honey bees. (heres a pic:)

honey bees fanning swarm pheromone at the colony box entrance
Notice the robust nature, golden yellow color and distinct dark stripes, as this is a classic Italian honey bee type ~ Apis mellifera ligustica.
African honey bees ( killer bees ) ~~ Apis mellifera scutellata , often are slightly smaller, darker yellow and have a darker abdomen. Be aware that morphological differences are common, and its impossible for anyone to Identify just by sight alone.

Friday, August 9, 2013

You gave my buzzing friends a new home!


It's with appreciation that I thank you for relocating our "girls" who had been residing in our wall. The pest control company only wanted to spray, kill and leave them to suffer in the confines of our home, but you were kind enough to consider removing them alive and taking them to a bee farm. You were so patient and kind, even dressing my friend in a bee suit, and giving us some of the precious and sweet honey our bees put up! I felt like I was in school again, learning the intricacies of insects and the behavior of these glorious social creatures. It's obvious that you love being an entomologist and helping people.

Thank you for all you've done, and I enthusiastically recommend you to everyone I meet. Thanks for the pictures of our friends in their new home!

Serena B. Jacksonville Beach, Fla

Saturday, July 27, 2013

School Board thanks us for prompt service!

Good morning Gail – thank you for the info and we especially thank you all for your prompt response to my phone call! You all have always been ‘johnny on the spot’ for our needs – you’re appreciated!

Lake County Schools (Florida)

(We responded to emergency bee call that forced evacuation of 4 portable classrooms & interrupted FCAT testing)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Near Fatal Yellow Jacket attack victim thanks us.

thank you richard you are a godsend to the community and huge credit to your education and proffesion!!

John Whittet, Jacksonville

(see our post about this harrowing sting event: Near Fatal Yellow Jacket sting event