Friday, March 18, 2011

Report of Excellent Service

Subject: Report of Excellent Service on 3/18/11
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2011 19:59:16 -0400

I, Harry R West and my wife, Pamela of 807 XXXXXXXXX Drive have the distinct pleasure of reporting some excellent and prompt service by three city employees, Hugh "DROC" Smith, Don Rainard, Charlene (last name unknown) and vendor, Jon Simkins of All Florida Bee Removal on March 18, 2011.

At about 1530 hours on March 18, 2011, I noticed an unusual number of yellow jackets in our back yard. I was subsequently able to trace the source to a nest located on the bank of a city drainage canal which runs parallel to our property and parallel to the Plant City High School Agricultural Field. The nest had three (3) large entrances and three (3) or four (4) smaller holes. There were hundreds of bees entering and leaving the holes. This is an area where Plant City High School students could be attacked by the swarming bees as could be children who occasionally play near or in the canal. It could also be particularly hazardous to city employees maintaining this canal. It being obvious that this nest constituted a clear and present danger to anyone who came in contact with same, I immediately contacted the City Of Plant City.

Charlene (last name unknown to me) took the message. Charlene was extremely concerned about the situation and conveyed the information to the appropriate department and advised me that we would be contacted very soon. She is to be commended for her concern, professionalism and great follow-through in initiating the needed services.

First on the scene was Hugh "DROC" Smith who made an initial assessment and informed Supervisor Don Rainard of the dangerous situation. Mr. Smith remained on scene until the matter was resolved. Mr. Smith was extremely courteous, concerned, and professional for his part in the matter. As taxpayers, we are greatly pleased that people of Mr. Smith's caliber work for the city.

Mr. Rainard arrived later, due to attendance at a meeting. He, too, exhibited the same concern and professionalism as did Charlene and Hugh Smith. He contacted the vendor and maintained follow-through until the vendor arrived. Mr. Rainard remained on scene until the reported issue was resolved. Mr. Rainard acted as a great supervisor should.

All three city employees worked in concert to ensure delivery of services to resolve what could, under certain conditons, have very serious or even lethal consequences.

The vendor, All Florida Bee Removal, arrived on scene less than an hour after being contacted by Mr. Rainard. The "combat" duty was performed by Entomologist Jon Simpkins. He dispatched his duties in a prompt and professional fashion. Additonally, he educated us as to the habits of these dangerous insects. I would not hesitate to request his services for bee removal on our property should it become necessary. We are happy to see that the city has established a business relationship with this obviously excellent vendor.

It is requested that a copy of this communication be placed in the personnel files of the three employees named herein, and that the excellent service provided by the vendor be taken into consideration when the time comes to renew contracts or request services.

Thank you.

Harry R. West
Pamela B. West

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