Monday, March 18, 2013

The Villages, Fla., Near Fatal sting victim thanks us for saving her life!


You will never know what you meant to Pegge & I. She did suffer, but I had faith that she would get thru this. She was so happy you stopped by at Hospital to ask about her. I hurt all nite but having faith she would be OK!

Two people were special, God and you. She hurt at hospital , they really helped her.

Three bees were at the steps this morning, but no sight of any this afternoon.

I'm sure you and your wife hurt when any child hurts like Pegge did. You just have to pray & have faith & God hears you!

I want you to know you were a wonderful help to us. Your experience with people getting bit helped.

I hope we see you again to meet you!

God is Good! You have to have a good wife when you come home late!

Sincerely, Lucille & Pegge

(note from Entomologist Richard Martyniak... This event occurred last fall, where Pegge was stung by ONE yellow jacket & suffered an allergic reaction causing very low blood pressure and unconsciousness. As an entomologist and stinging insect expert, I'm aware of the seriousness of Bee and Wasp stings. All of our trucks carry sting kits, and I administered first aid until Lake-Sumter Rescue arrived. It's quite likely that this event would have been fatal had I not been trained & prepared for such an event. As it was, Pegge was able to play golf the next morning!  I will be posting a full story soon. --RMM)

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