Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Windermere Bee Removal

Hi Rich,

Thank you very much for safely re-locating our bees. We hope that they will enjoy their new home and produce lots of good honey and cross pollination for other plants.

Could you tell the status of our hive as you removed it? ( yes, this colony was very healthy and took to its new hive box readily-RMM). Was it a honey-rich hive? (yes, for an external aerial colony it had a good amount of honey..we feed it back to the bees once we get them to the quarantine apiary -RMM).

Please let us know if our bees do well in their 'new home' as it would make us feel good to hear they are being productive.( We kept them in their box for 4 days. On day 5 we released them, and they look GREAT! the queen is laying eggs, they've built new comb and now on day 6, are bringing pollen back to the colony..always a good sign).

Thanks again,

Lenore & Eric L.

Ps. Thanks so much for leaving us some honey! (THANK YOU Lenore & Eric!! Your bees appeared to be classic Italian Honey bees. (heres a pic:)

honey bees fanning swarm pheromone at the colony box entrance
Notice the robust nature, golden yellow color and distinct dark stripes, as this is a classic Italian honey bee type ~ Apis mellifera ligustica.
African honey bees ( killer bees ) ~~ Apis mellifera scutellata , often are slightly smaller, darker yellow and have a darker abdomen. Be aware that morphological differences are common, and its impossible for anyone to Identify just by sight alone.

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